Welcome to my site!

I’m currently a lecturer in Audio Engineering in the Entertainment Engineering group at The University of Derby. I also work seasonally as a live sound engineer at Gand Concert Sound, located just outside my hometown of Chicago. What I generally keep myself busy with was nicely described in a recent piece by Live Sound International and Pro Sound Web.

On this site you can find information pertaining to my teaching, research and live sound activities. I’ve made various publications and software freely available for download and I post opportunities for funded postgraduate research, when they come up.

I hope some of this material is useful to you. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions/comments. I’m happy to help out whenever I can!

Recent posts

INTRO (well, it’s about time I start one of these…)

INTRO (well, it’s about time I start one of these…)

Why am I writing this? Is anyone actually going to read this? Maybe I should just let this section of my site remain empty. It could be my small way of avoiding contributing to the degradation of the web’s signal-to-noise ratio. Nah… I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for years, but haven’t actually sat...