LAST UPDATED: 4 April 2018

The Low-Frequency Acoustics Toolbox (LowFAT) is an easy to use piece of software which allows for acoustic simulations of non-rectangular topologies. The modeling technique utilized is a finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method, which is generally most accurate and efficient for investigating low-frequency acoustics. Boundary conditions are treated as perfectly rigid with frequency-independent absorption. Any number of sources can be placed within the space (limited by the number of pressure grid points). By default, sources are omnidirectional point sources. Dipole or cardioid polar patterns are possible as well.

Any number of listening points can be placed within the acoustical space (limited by the number of pressure grid points), placed automatically in a grid or manually by the user. Each listening point records the pressure response during the simulation which can be used later for data analysis. The option also exists to record the full pressure grid response across the entire simulation, which allows for detailed animations to be generated post-simulation.

Further options include time/frequency domain analysis as well as bespoke tone burst analysis and auralization. The full features of this toolbox are described within this user’s guide.

Under no circumstances may this toolbox be used in commercial/for-profit applications. However, you are most welcome to use the program to support research, although formal acknowledgement is expected.

Feel free to contact me regarding any found bugs (there are most likely some lurking within the code!) or to request additional features.

Enjoy using the toolbox. Hopefully it will be of use to your research/interests and contribute to your knowledge and understanding of low-frequency acoustics!

Download current version

LowFat is downloaded as a .zip file containing the installation file and the user’s guide. The installation file should take you through the process and automatically install MATLAB runtime, if you don’t already have it installed (this will add about 500 MB to the download size). If you’re an Apple user, I highly doubt the software will work for you unless you can run virtual Windows. I strongly recommend you uninstall any previous versions of LowFAT before installing a new version (some users have had problems).

If you have any issues, please contact me.

NOTE: It’s likely that when you try to install the program, your computer will throw up a warning saying I’m not a trusted software provider. No need to worry – I’ve had no reports of the software destroying anyone’s computer! Well… there was that one time the NHS tried to use LowFAT… (just kidding).

LowFAT v1.6 (64-bit)          LowFAT v1.6 (32-bit)          User’s guide (v1.6)

Previous versions

If you require previous version of LowFAT or the FDTD Toolbox, then get in touch with me here and I’ll send the files through to you.