This toolbox is currently being updated. Stay tuned for a new and improved version!

The Virtual Bass Toolbox is an easy to use GUI written in MATLAB which allows virtual bass processing to be applied to sound files. Three types of virtual bass processing are available within the toolbox including: nonlinear devices (NLD), phase vocoders (PV) and hybrid methods (NLD + PV). The toolbox allows for extremely flexible virtual bass capabilities as well as thorough data analysis options.

Under no circumstances may this toolbox be used in commercial/for-profit applications.

Feel free to contact me regarding any found bugs (there are most likely some lurking within the code!) or to request additional features.

Enjoy using the toolbox. Hopefully it will be of use to your research/interests and contribute to your knowledge and understanding of low-frequency acoustics!

Download current version

VB Toolbox v5.1 (64-bit)          VB Toolbox v5.1 (32-bit)          User’s guide (v5.1)


If you require previous version of the Virtual Bass Toolbox, then get in touch with me here and I’ll send the files through to you.