Current research interests

  • Live sound reinforcement optimization
  • Sound exposure and noise pollution due to outdoor events – assessment and control
  • Diffuse signal processing in live sound
  • Low-frequency sound source localization
  • Calibration techniques for cinema subwoofer systems
  • Low-frequency acoustic modelling (FDTD and image source)
  • Real-time auralization for use at live events and in related education
  • Applications of artificial intelligence in audio engineering and acoustics

PhD Supervision

I’m typically involved in the supervision of a handful of PhD students within the Entertainment Engineering subject area at the University of Derby. Funded PhD studentships or GTA positions regularly become available and I do my best to advertise them here. If you’re interested in doing a PhD in an audio-related topic, feel free to get in touch.

Current PhD students:

  • Ross Hammond (2017 – present), Accurate Analysis of Human Impact on Sound Reinforcement and Reproduction in Large Spaces

Past PhD students:

Industry engagement

Research-related Awards

Past invited talks and tutorials

  • Managing On-site Sound Exposure and Off-site Noise Pollution. Live Sound Summit 2020. June 2020.
  • Audio signal decorrelation for live sound. Il Lato Oscuro della Fase, Italy. May 2020.
  • Your noise isn’t my noise: improving sound exposure and noise pollution management at outdoor event. AES New York. October 2019.
  • Threading the needle: Managing sound exposure and noise pollution while maintaining a high-quality audience experience at outdoor events. Joint AES-IOA evening lecture. Derby, UK. June 2019.
  • Noise exposure and pollution from outdoor entertainment events. AES Dublin. March 2019.
  • Live sound subwoofer system optimization. AES Milan. May 2018.
  • Live sound subwoofer system design. AES New York. October 2017.
  • Live sound subwoofer system calibration. AES Warsaw, May 2015.
  • Chameleon subwoofer arrays. AES London, October 2011.
  • An introduction to chameleon subwoofer arrays. ISVR, July 2010.
  • An introduction to audio systems, CEEC, September 2010.