Author: ajhill

New AES Technical Document published on outdoor event sound management

AES Technical Document AESTD1007.1.20-05 Understanding and Managing Sound Exposure and Noise Pollution at Outdoor Events ( was recently published. 2+ years of very hard work went into this report. With a little luck, it’ll guide research and professional practice relating to live sound for many years to come. This report is intended to present the […]

DEMO: Diffuse Signal Processing (DiSP)

Some of you out there may have tuned into a recent webinar I gave for Fedele De Marco, who runs Il Lato Oscuro della Fase: Designing, Verifying, Tuning, Adapting, which focuses on acoustical education for audio engineers. In the webinar, I discussed the challenges live sound engineers face in delivering a consistent, high-quality listening experience […]

Time to get unplugged (in)?

This may come off as a rant by someone brought up on analog equipment. If that’s the case, I apologize in advance! Over the past five years (or so), I’ve seen a worrying trend with plug-ins. Here’s an example. Last summer I was FOH tech for a medium-sized festival in Chicago. We had an Avid […]

Introducing LowFAT

If you’re familiar with what we do here in the Entertainment Engineering group at the University of Derby, you’ll know that we like to create useful bits of software and make them free for anyone to try out. Just this week saw the release of the Low-Frequency Acoustics Toolbox (LowFAT), which is an updated and […]